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100% Organic Colorado Grown CBD Oil

Learn More About CBD

What You Should Know About CBD

CBD or “Cannabidiol” is a compound that is naturally found within the cannabis species of plants, both hemp and marijuana.

It’s used today essentially
for relief from many
different ailments and more specifically to provide a sense of calm and relaxation.

CBD does not give a high like the psychoactive THC molecule that is said to get a person “stoned”.

In order for CBD to be considered legal and for sale over the counter, it must be extracted from hemp and contain no more than .3% of THC unlike marijuana that has significantly higher percentages and is only legal through a prescription.

Therefore CBD that is sold openly on the market comes from the hemp plant. CBD comes in different forms and there are different ways to take it. The widely available types of CBD are full-spectrum, broad-spectrum and isolate.

Full-spectrum is considered to be the preferred choice by most as it has been shown to provide the Entourage Effect which is the interaction of the various cannabinoids and terpenoids within the extract working with one another to provide a more powerful effect.

Broad spectrum is when one or more components of the CBD extract are removed. The majority of the extracts that are broad spectrum have just the THC filtered out.

CBD isolate is just the cannabidiol molecule in its purest form with no other natural plant compounds or constituents found in the mix.

CBD can be absorbed many different ways which are by creams, edibles, tinctures and vapes.

The most effective and potent way of administering CBD is by tincture form using a dropper that is placed under the tongue.

The reason being is that sublingual administration delivers a faster and more bioavailable dose of CBD. Since the tissue under the tongue is very thin, the CBD is immediately transported through into the capillaries and enters the bloodstream in a higher amount as compared to when it is ingested by way of the stomach where it would be broken down more and become less bioavailable.

CBD that comes in tincture form and is referred to as “CBD Oil” can be mixed with a variety of carrier oils. The most effective carrier oil to transport CBD is said to be MCT or Medium Chain Triglycerides.

This oil is derived from coconuts and
is the common choice for a superior carrier oil.

The reason that CBD is best mixed with MCT oil is because cannabidiol, being a fat soluble molecule, is more effectively transported by a fatty acid which makes for better delivery.

CBD oil should not be exposed to sunlight or any kind of light. This will further the expiration of the CBD extract within the oil. For this reason CBD should be stored in an ultraviolet container to have it protected against the decomposition from light.

Not all CBD comes from the same place or is grown the same way. CBD is extracted from hemp plants which are grown and harvested in many regions throughout the world. The highest producing hemp states within the US are Colorado and Kentucky and other countries such as China and India including many others take part in its growth and cultivation.

How to Choose a CBD Product

CBD comes in different strengths and forms of delivery.

It can be applied
topically via oils and
creams, ingested
through edibles and
tinctures and smoked from flower or vape.

It can be applied topically via oils and creams, ingested through edibles and tinctures and smoked from flower or vape.

Each person may have their own preference in how they like to consume CBD.

However, there are a couple of things to keep top of mind when considering which way to take CBD.

First, you must take into account that CBD and its effectiveness in delivery is different for each form of application.

Taking CBD by tincture in oil form is considered the most bioavailable way of ingesting the compound. This is because it is easily absorbed under the thin lining of tissue below the tongue and rapidly absorbed into the bloodstream through the capillaries.
Second, CBD comes in different potencies and there is a significant difference in how companies label their products. For example there is a major distinction when one company labels their product as “250mg CBD Extract” and another “250mg CBD”.

In the former, the 250mg does not represent the total amount of CBD found within the product.

The 250mg is the amount of the total extract that contains the CBD.

Since extracts come in varying percentages of the amount of CBD they contain, the product can have just a 10% CBD concentration and so the total amount of CBD would only be 25mg. Whereas, the second product that is labeled as “250mg CBD” should contain an actual 250mg of CBD.

Not only does CBD come in different potencies by total amount but these strengths are also measured by volume.

There are different ranges of CBD potency to consider and these are measured by ml. 1 ml would be a full dropper full from a tincture bottle. A dropper full typically contains about 20 drops.

The bottom of the range of CBD potency per ml can be as low as 5mg/ml going up to as high as 50mg/ml.

This leads in to another point. The only way to be fully certain that the CBD product contains the amount of CBD that it actually claims, is for the company to provide 3rd Party Lab results that are original and verifiable with the lab.

Since every person is different, one dosage may be good for one person where another might require a higher amount.

Dosages in the upper range are considered therapeutic whereas the bottom of the range would be prophylactic.

Therapeutic dosages are for pre-existing ailments and health concerns while prophylactic dosages can be considered preventative.

Things to take note of when choosing a CBD product specifically one that comes in tincture form are the types of ingredients used, mainly the kind of carrier oil, where MCT oil from coconuts is the most effective and whether the oil comes in an ultraviolet container to protect it from the influence of light which causes decomposition.

Results & Expectations of CBD

Everyone is different and our lifestyle adds to that.

What one person may experience from taking CBD in a week might take another a couple to feel. CBD is not a panacea even though there are anecdotal testimonials from users experiencing rewarding results.

The majority
of people taking
CBD are able to
experience a calm
and relaxing effect.

Being consistent with regular use and administration is important to get you that much closer to your health goals.

Listen to how your body reacts and if you feel you need more then up the dosage a bit.

This can be gradually done until you feel better.

Choosing a premium quality CBD oil shouldn’t be
that hard when you know what to look for. Are you
ready to feel the difference?


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